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Rooflight in Rush

Allspec Glass were engaged by Gillen Construction, who were carrying out the extension to this house, to supply and fit large rooflight to allow as much light as possible into the kitchen/dining area extension.

We supplied and fitted the rooflight as a double glazing unit comprised of:-  13.5 Toughened Laminate and 8mm Toughened Low E with black ceramic border.

Glass Balustrade in Garristown Obscured Privacy Screen

Allspec Glass were engaged by the home owner to create an outdoor wind barrier and privacy screen to their back garden patio area.  We supplied and fitted 12mm Satin Toughened Glass fixed into 316 stainless steel spigots and 316 stainless steel handrail to top of glass.

This created an “outdoor” room making the most of the sunshine but allowing privacy by the satin finish and deflecting wind and inclement weather.

Guinness Storehouse

Allspec Glass were sub-contracted by Townlink Construction to supply and fit safety backed mirrors to wall surround, drilled for light fittings, encased with mirrors to reflect the structure.  The completed piece is a stunning feature in the Guinness Storehouse to replicate the millions of nitro bubbles in each pint.

Leopardstown Racecourse

Leopardstown Racecourse

Allspec Glass completed the Leopardstown Racecourse bar area refit under sub-contract to Duggan Bros.  These works included mirror and backpainted toughened glass in panelling wrapping around the entire bar area.

Acoustic Glass

Acoustic glass consists of two or more sheets of glass, bonded together with one or more acoustic interlayers.  The interlayers act as a noise dampening core, weakening the sound to give a better acoustic insulation performance than that of regular single panes of clear float glass or regular laminated glass.

Contact our offices to discuss what type of glass is most suitable to meet your noise control requirements.

Antique Mirror

Antique Mirror is Increasingly popular in modern interior designs both in residential and commercial properties, these mirrors give a distinctive non-uniform distressed effect which is equally impressive when used as a splash back in a kitchen or as a feature wall.

The edges can be polished or alternatively bevelling will add more impact to a panelled or feature wall.


A glass balustrade can be used in many situations.  From stairwells to walkways they can provide a safe enclosure on a balcony without impeding your view.

The use of glass will allow light to travel through the area creating a greater sense of space.  There are many types of glass balustrade available with various fittings.

Please contact us to speak with one of our experts who can advise you on what is most suitable to meet your needs.

Bullet Resistant Glass

Bullet resistant glass comes in a variety of thicknesses for protection against a wide range of ballistic threat levels, with both spall and no spall varieties.

Please contact us to speak with one of our experts who can advise you on what is most suitable to meet your needs.

Coloured Glass

Coloured Glass is available in a wide range of colours to create a design statement throughout the home or office.  Kitchen splashbacks, feature walls, shower enclosures, counter tops or reception desks are just some examples of its uses.

The glass can be toughened and shaped.


Crystal View is a frameless glass balustrade system.  The glass is fully adjustable which allows for a straight line installation when no handrail is being used.  It is suitable for indoor and outdoor installation.

With surface mount and side fix options available with glass thicknesses of 12 – 21.5 mm.