Fire Rated Glass

There is a wide range of glass that can be used to give extended fire protection both in internal screens and external windows.  Any type of glass that has passed a fire test and can resist the passage of smoke, flames and hot gases is considered fire resistant glass.  The performance of fire rated glass products is measured in 30 minute periods for integrity (the ability of the glass to hold back flames and hot gases) and insulation (the ability of the glass surface to remain below prescribed limits).  The products that protect against fire are tested either to British Standards or European Standards.

Architects and designers are increasingly looking for solutions to comply with building regulations which aim to stop the spread of fire and enable the safe evacuation of a building within an aesthetic design.  It is important to use materials that are compatible with each other and designed to give similar performance to ensure that the glazed system works as a whole. 

Allspec only use AGC and Pilkington product ranges for fire glass recognising their quality products and tested standards.